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For a child has been born for us, a son

What am I waiting for?

Written by Deana Hunt

Waiting waiting, I hate to wait, 

Something is happening - a time to celebrate.

Waiting waiting, for someone to be born, 

What’s so special? I let out a big yawn.

Waiting waiting, I sense an atmosphere, 

Shepherds have appeared; not to be feared.

Waiting waiting, oh please hurry up, 

I need to know why you lot have turned up.

Waiting waiting, waiting no more, a baby has been born; 

A beautiful boy who will bring us joy.

Waiting waiting, for Jesus the King. 

He isn’t covered in bling, 

But born in a manger, in a stable so bare, 

And he has a story to share...

Waiting waiting, to hear the good news that Jesus loves me... 

Which way do I choose: 

To follow his teaching or go my own way? 

I choose to stay close to the one they call king without any bling!

This year was a long wait to Christmas. 

But, finally, it is here. It is here to bring joy to the forlorn world. It is here with the gift that is the birth of our mighty counsellor. 

So, let every nation put their hope in Jesus Christ (Matthew 12:15-22) while singing for joy to have been given another chance to celebrate this great feast.

Luke 2:10
Isaiah 12:6
Luke 1:14
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