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Walk with Christ and Let your Light Shin

Follow the light

Our daily life can be dotted with moments of darkness and despair. But if we follow Jesus, the light of the world, we will be resurrected as a glorious people. 

He will guide our days to a glorious resurrection just like the lenten epilogue. He overcomes the darkness with His glorious light.

Shine for Jesus

God has given each one of us a little sparkle of light. All we need to do is keep it burning for Him. Keep it burning bright so that the world around us may follow suit and glorify His majesty.


These remaining days of lent, let us be God's ray of blessing in the life of others.

Jesus in us your light shines bright, 

let us shine your light so bright.

Daily we walk with you by our side, 

to gently guide the lost and the blind.

Those who hurt and feel despair, 

your love we will share to show others you care.

To listen and talk to encourage others to walk the walk, 

with a hope that will glisten in their hearts.

The life of Jesus we will try to lead, 

because that life is the best indeed, 

compassion, love, the respect we show, to others as we go.

Your disciples leading others to you, 

and to your love so pure and true.

Jesus, keep us firm in faith to do your work until the end,

to let people know you’re their friend

Written by Deana Hunt (2021)

The Lenten Challenge

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