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National Youth Sunday
22nd November 2020

National Youth Sunday celebrates the role and significance of young people in the Catholic Church in England and Wales.

NYS poster

National Youth Sunday is celebrated on the Feast of Christ the King. On this feast, we celebrate Christ's kingship of our hearts and especially the hearts of our young people.

It is an opportunity to recognise young people as a gift in the Church, enable the youth ministry and parish community to celebrate young people and affirm the contribution of young people in the Church and those who work with them.

NYS takes place on Sunday 22 November 2020. This year the theme is Together. The COVID-19 pandemic has affected every part of life. The way we live, work, study, play and pray has all changed. The most significant change has been that we have not been able to do many of those things together. This year’s theme recognises what it means to be ‘together’; with ourselves, with others and with God.

As we learn to live together again alongside the COVID-19 virus, the world isn’t quite the same as it was. But there is still much to make us hopeful. There is something special about being together – being a part of a community – it is our togetherness which tells us who we are. It heals us and makes us complete.

Let’s celebrate National Youth Sunday together!


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