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Who are you?

You are not your name;

Neither your place of birth.

Nor the language you speak.

You are not your parents.

You are not your size.

Neither the acne that covers your face.

Nor the failures that dot your life.

You are definitely not what others define you to be.


Remember, you are God’s masterpiece;

The child He loves so deep;

The child He created, oh, so unique.


Written by Kimberly R.

"If you truly believe that God has created you in His image; He loves all your imperfections perfectly, you will never be ashamed to be yourself; love yourself."      - A team member

Jesus' command is to: "love your neighbour, as yourself (Mark 12:31)". So, if you don't have enough love for yourself, how can love someone else, and obey this very commandment? Rest assured, when you truly love yourself, you will believe in the truth of the Word of God and you will not be shaken by the words others say to put you down. 

Here are just a few scriptures that will help you stay believing and rooted in God's love. You are beautiful and wonderful:

God speaks, not only through scriptures...

While preparing and going through these scriptures, the team was prompted to these worship songs that will surely make your day; keep you encouraged and uplifted in God's love, through it all:

  • Jireh | Elevation Worship & Maverick City

  • Who You say I am - Hillsong Worship

  • I am loved - Mack Brock

  • You're gonna be okay - Brian and Jenn Johnson

P.S: You can find these songs on Youtube, Spotify, etc.

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