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As Catholics, we are reassured of God's unceasing love for us through the sacrament of confession. However, many of us do not appreciate and understand this gift and its effect on our lives. 

For this edition of Bible Hub, we hope to convey the importance and the beauty of this sacrament and draw you close to our Father's compassionate love.

Forgiven, what me?Deana Hunt (performed by Kimberly R.)
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Forgiven, what me?

Deana Hunt


As I sat waiting for confession my thoughts were: "Forgiven? What me?"


For years I had carried the guilt and the shame, which had wrapped me up in



How would I ever be forgiven for my past? For years I had been putting on a

mask, laughing, smiling having fun, but carried my guilt which weighed a ton,

wrapped in chains because of my shame.


The fear within me was what if God the Father doesn’t love me anymore when I come knocking at his door?


My heart beating fast, my hands felt clammy, my mouth became dry shall I run

and not confess, but this was not the best idea as I heard these words

”Come and tell me what’s on your mind, then peace and love you will find”.


So I started to talk and talk and talk, minutes, hours passed me by, a river of

tears I did fill because my guilt had brought me down on my knees.








I heard the words that changed my life

“You are forgiven and loved

unconditionally, by me your Father”


As I opened the door to walk away, the chains which had had a grip on my life I

saw them physically fall to the ground. I had been in bondage, the chains had

gripped tight, and stopped me from living my life.


I saw a transformer stood so tall that had fallen but now was free, loved,

accepted, cherished and adored, the Father loves me I know now for sure.


I was …


Ashamed…….Made new

Fearful……..No more fear

Dirty…………Made clean

Unloved……Loved by the Father unconditionally


So draw near to the father and confess all your sins, because at the cross is

where you can become clean.

Free from fear, free from pain, a place where

you can release it all.

You may have fallen but you too can stand tall.

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