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But you will receive power when the Holy

Holy Spirit be my guide, running from you I have tried.
Holy Spirit you always turn up, even when I am backed up with stuff.
Holy Spirit you calm my mind when peace I simply cannot find.
Holy Spirit you pathe my way, and each day becomes a better day.
Holy Spirit you are my life support machine,
helping me to do your will,
and this I promise I will work hard to fulfill.
Holy Spirit you help me to laugh dance and sing,
I will praise you forever
because Joy you will bring.
Holy Spirit I love you, and this is 100% true!
Written by Deana Hunt

John 14:16

Forever, in the Holy Spirit

The Holy Spirit comes to stay forever. He comes to guide us, forever.

Romans 15:13

We have Hope, Joy, and Peace

The Holy Spirit brings gifts that nurture fruits of Joy, Peace, and Hope.

2 Corinthians 3:17

We are Free

The oppressed, (physically, mentally, spiritually) wounded, afflicted, and every prisoner of the evil forces, finds freedom through the Holy Spirit.

The feast of Pentecost

Today the church celebrates the feast of Pentecost: The descent of the Holy Spirit on the Apostles and Mother Mary.

As part of the Holy Church, we all received this Spirit on the day of our Baptism. So, what is so special about Pentecost? On this feast day, we do not receive the Spirit anew, but the Spirit that is in us is stirred to make us Hopeful, Joyful and Peaceful creations of God. This Holy Breath of God does not last only this day, but forever.

Today, let us kindle this Spirit to make every day a little brighter and happier. Happy Feast of the Holy Spirit!

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