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about us

Chosen Youth is a small group of Young Adults, part of Holy Rood Youth Ministry (HRYM), formed initially by members of the Young Leaders. We meet together for friendship, fellowship, and faith formation, both in-person and online.

We have a strong presence on social media and during the pandemic utilised this to very good effect to reach out to young people in the community and beyond. The group has a desire to serve the parish by organising events, fundraising, and developing opportunities for provision for other groups of young people under the HRYM banner, as well as continuing to use social media as an evangelising tool.

Our Mission

“To further our personal faith journey through prayer, learning from others, studying the scriptures, serving our community and being a positive role model to the Young People of Swindon.”

“To lead others to a personal relationship with Christ through prayer, friendship and the sharing of our faith.”

Our Patron Saints

How it started?

In January 2019, Chosen Youth began as the HRYM young leaders at Holy Rood Church. In March 2020, this group relaunched as Chosen Youth, remaining under the HRYM banner.

The website for chosen Youth was launched in March, and at the time, the group's main aim was to assist young people in Swindon during the first Covid 19 lockdown.

The group was first known as @chosen_youth_swindon on Instagram. We ran a number of online events, like the Bible Verse Challenge, which received a tremendous response from young people from various parishes in Swindon. We also had a few virtual music collaborations, including a cover of Matt Maher's Lord I Need You, which we performed with the Holy Rood Church choir.

Join Us

Are you aged 16 years+ and interested in linking up with other young people who are eager to use their talents and ideas to spread the word of God? Chosen Youth is a group of vibrant and creative young people, part of Holy Rood Youth Ministry and supported by it.

Click here for more info.

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